Saturday, September 1, 2012

0 Day Java Exploit Source Code Leaked

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[POC] Source code for the New 0-day Java Exploit is Now available to all openly

Security Researchers from FireEye have reported that a new Zero-day Java vulnerability is currently being exploited in a wild. The most of the recent Java run-time environments i.e., JRE 1.7x are vulnerable.Initially , Researchers discovered that this exploit hosted on named Currently this domain is resolving to an IP address in China.
A successful exploit attempt can result in a dropper (Dropper.MsPMs) getting installed on infected systems. The dropper executable is located on the same server.(

The Dropper.MsPMs connects to C&C domain which is currently resolving to an IP address located in Singapore.

Get the source Code Here

Source Media :Fireeye

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0 Days Exploit, Leaked


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